Meet The board

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Julia Da Silva


Alex Campbell

Alex comes to the Smith Haven Service Dogs Board with a wealth of experience. Alex has a wealth of experience in the corporate world as a small business owner and is prepared to help guide Smith Haven with its business model and practices. He also has experience with non-profit organizations through his involvement with other charitable organizations as a Board member and Board Chair. His experience with see Smith Haven’s growth into the future

Catherine Gordon-Campbell

Catherine is a career civil servant. As such she has a wealth of experience which will help Smith Haven grow and prosper into the future. Catherine is great with animals and has a strong skill set in working with animals. Catherine greatest asset to Smith Haven is her ability to see through the mundane to the nub of the issue. She is great with people and has extensive organizational skills which will be of benefit to Smith Haven as it grows.


Emily Wright

Emily Wright is a talented educator, advocate, and public speaker. She is a tenacious individual who dedicates her life to educating and advocating for change within her community and is also a service handler herself. Emily is a member of the Eva’s Initiatives Speaker’s Bureau, the United Way Speaker’s Bureau, and is a regular guest lecturer at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and George Brown College. Emily has experience providing workshops, presentations, and speeches to both small and large groups across Toronto on a variety of topics including inclusion, accessibility, and the laws and etiquette around service dogs.

One of Emily Wright’s most recent accomplishments was her Transforming Lives award from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, given to individuals who are changing the world while living with a mental health disorder. Currently, Emily is taking the Masters of Teaching program at the University of Toronto.

Emily also has experience working and volunteering in the for profit and non-profit sectors, has been a member of several committees such as her course union in University, and a term as an elected member of the CUPE Ontario Workers with Disabilities Committee. Emily also worked tirelessly for members of her union’s local as a steward where she advocated for the needs of members. Emily has also spearheaded a number of campaigns in the Toronto area related to social justice issues.

Emily Wright brings to Smith Haven Service Dogs her knowledge of inclusion and accessibility, her strong advocacy and awareness expertise, her robust public speaking and presentation abilities, and her dedication to educating the world about accessibility, inclusion and service animals. Emily also looks forward to using her first-hand knowledge of Ontario schools to assist with the school based accommodation needs of our clients, including educating staff, teachers and students.