Owner Trainer Academy

In the owner trained program, we will put your current dog through an array of tests to see if they have the potential for service work. If he/she passes, we will begin to work alongside you to help your current dog meet the service dog standard*. If your dog does not meet the requirements, or does not pass the tests, we will gladly assist you in finding the perfect match for you!**


Strong Bonds

Strong bonds lead to strong teams. The Owner Trainer Academy is designed to encourage and focus on the core areas surrounding leadership between team members. Without strong bonds and strong teams, the foundation of the Owner Trainer Academy, the rest of the program falls apart.  

A strong bond is at the core of every Smith Haven Service Dogs team

Future Dedication means not giving up your best friend – and a vital tool – at the end of your service dogs service history. While many years may be had at the end of their service history, every dog has its day where he or she must call it quits. When that day comes with a team from the Owner Trainer Academy, rest assured you and your best friend will not be asked to part ways. At the end of the program, your animal is yours to keep.

 Your best friend is yours to keep – forever, even past its service history.   


Future Dedication


On Your Own Time - When You’re Ready

One of the most common themes in today’s world is the stress associated with deadlines, time limits, and the chaos of 21st century digital living. In the Owner Trainer Academy, a little more control is afforded to you, by allowing you to start the program when you’re ready, not us***. When you have found a suitable animal for the program, you can still take your time, and decide when the time is truly right for you and your needs as an individual.  

Time is in your hands with the Owner Trainer Academy.

While all of our OTA spots are full at the moment, If you think this is right for you - fill out the form below, and see where to get started from here.

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* There is no current set, empirical standard for a service dog

** Certain limitations apply

*** Provided program availability and limitations