Our goal:

To Unleash Freedom

We help support and grow a new network of motivated, passionate thinkers for a new generation of service dogs.


Our Mission

At Smith Haven Service Dogs, the future is always a little furrier. We are dedicated to empowering a new generation of compassionate thinkers - and enabling those who need it most.  



Commitment is Key

With every dedicated commitment we make, comes a promise of teamwork. This is why we here at Smith Haven Service Dogs are actively engaged in team building exercises. A happy team is one that can focus on the task at hand. 


Happy Dogs, Happy Teams

Smith Haven understands the brevity of proper training, but that doesn't mean our dogs are not full of joy! A well balanced, stress free animal is required in the service industry, and a waging tail is a smile on a face. Ensuring team happiness is a key priority at Smith Haven, and with that in mind, full dedication goes into every campeign.