What is a service dog ?

  • A Service Dog is a dog specifically trained to perform tasks, alerts, or responses which mitigate the handers disabilities.

Is a Service Dog right for me ?

  • Like any other health concern, your doctor should always be your first line of contact should you be experiencing hardships stemming from various areas relating to your physiological / emotional wellbeing. If you and your doctor decide that a service animal is right for you, a doctor’s note indicating the requirement is what is needed.

  • In addition, there are some other factors to consider, such as owning an animal, never mind a service dog, comes with challenges. Money, time and energy are all to be considered. The quality of life of the animal should be nominal.

Where are you located ?

  • We are located just outside of the GTA in Bradford West Gwillimbury in the lovely province of Ontario Canada!

What is your current service area ?

  • Smith Haven Service Dogs provides mobile training for our clients, we’re able drive to your home if you are within an hour from Bradford Ontario. If you are located outside of this area, you must be able to drive to a designated location between Bradford Ontario and where you reside. If our location that we are to meet in the middle is further than an hour and a half from Bradford, there will be an additional fee applied to cover travel cost.

  • We do not serve out of Province or Canada as of yet, however we aspire to this in our future!

Can you place program dogs out of province ?

  • Currently we are not able to place program dogs out of province due to our very small number of puppy raisers which intern makes for fewer program dogs.

What are some ways to get started with smith haven ?

  • Here at Smith Haven we have two options available for our clients.

    • We offer: Program Trained Dogs, and an Owner Trainer Academy.

      • If you are looking for a Program Trained Dog, please visit our “Programs on Offer” page.

      • If you interested in Owner Trainer options, please visit our “Owner Trainer Academy” page for more information.

      • PLEASE NOTE: This Program is currently full

How long are you waitlists ?

  • Currently in our Owner Trainer Academy there are some spots available for those requiring more assistance with training. Applications for established teams looking for support from a program are always open. Such teams are still be required to be evaluated and pass our Training academy prior to any PAT or PST final evaluation.

  • Our program trained dog waitlist is open for applicants however being that we are a new program we currently have a shortage in puppy raisers which limit the amount of Program Dogs we are able to produce; because of that we do not have an estimated time for graduated dogs as of yet.

Are you an ADI Accredited member ? If not do you plan to become one ?

  • Currently we are not ADI Accredited, we are a registered Non for Profit and working our way towards ADI Candidate status which is a prerequisite for full accreditation.