Programs on Offer

Smith Haven employs a wide range of resources to help encourage and maintain top performance in all categories.


Cross Trained Service Dogs

This program is one of the first of its kind. This program is highly sought after, as it specifically mold a dog to your specific needs.

Autism Service Dogs for Adults

This program is dedicated to adults with autism. The availability for service dogs for autism is strongly biased around children and young people, here at smith haven we aim to work with those children who grew up into adults. We work along side you to gather together all the tasks and responses that you would require the dog to aid in your daily life. Some tasks and responses include but are not limited to: Tactile simulation, finding help , episode interruption and more.

Mental Health Service Dogs

The Mental Health service dog program is unique in that it focuses on one very particular area and intends to excel in this category. Dogs In this program are therefor trained to assist in the needs of those with mental health requirements.

Facility Dogs

This program helps train dogs, for facilities looking to add a friendly supportive face in their business. whether it be a stressful court room, a therapy office , or a business floor, at Smith haven - Our facility dogs are there for you every step of the way.

*Certain conditions apply.