Meet Our Dogs




Maverick is a stunning young Standard poodle Mix who always goes looking for ways to make his handler Deb smile. Maverick is a half brother to Stanley and is following in his footprints. Maverick is currently in our cross training program to better aid his handler.

I’ve had Maverick for just shy of a year now and he’s already had such a positive impact on my life! He has alerted and responded to my last two panic attacks which is truly improving my quality of life. We are inseparable
— Deb



Stanley is a goofy Standard poodle mix who always puts a smile on everyone’s face. Stanley is a cross trained service dog primarily used for his medical alerts and responses.

Since having Stanley by my side I have had the confidence to take on each day with a smile on my face and a larger heart knowing that he’ll be there through my worst to my best.
— Julia



Ohana is an outgoing purebred German shepherd that is always ready to work. She is a very quick learner, and is always looking for ways to please her handler. She loves adventures and is always willing to try new things. She is being trained for light mobility and medical alert.

Ohana has been best thing that has happened to me in the last 14 years. She has allowed me to have my independence and my life back. She loves going on all sorts of crazy adventures with me and I couldn’t imagine going back to the way I was before she came into my life.
— Kelsey



Shadow is a pure breed standard poodle who is often referred to as a goof ball by his owner Mariah. Shadow is part of the owner trained program, to work along side his owner to become a medical alert and mental health dog.

Two years ago I never thought I would be able to go out in the world by myself let alone being away from all the family and friends I knew. With Shadow I not only have been able to go out into the world I can conquer it too!
— Mariah



Dürriken is a confident Cane Corso with exceptional aptitude. His work ethic to-date promises a bright future. He's loving, gentle and a goofy character who warms the hearts of many, especially his handler. Dürriken is being trained for mental health service, medical alert, and light mobility.

Dürriken has been such a light for me. Not only a joy to train, but a quick study. At such a young and tender age, he has managed to keep my out of the hospital. My life is greatly enriched with him by my side!



Avery is an 8 month old puppy in training to become a medical alert and mental health dog. She is a field golden retriever with a high energy drive and great focusing abilities. This stubborn and confident girl is also a quick learner and never fails to put a smile on her owners face.



Rora is a 2yr old mixed breed that is constantly learning and adapting to new situations. She loves learning, pleasing her handler and is always ready for an adventure! Don't let her size deceive you, because this little lady has got fire!

I never pictured myself with a service dog, but after exhausting all other options, here we are! I never thought in a million years, that a puppy born under a house, that wasn’t supposed to live, would save my life and give me back my independence. Who rescued who?